• Injunction Letter to the Department of the Economy can be found HERE

 (The letter prompted a response providing assurances that names of RHI participants would not be published (if at all) without prior notification to the Association to allow time for action to be taken)

  • The RHANI Letter to all MLA’s can be found HERE
  • Minister Hamilton’s draft proposal for changes to the RHI scheme on Monday 16th January can be viewed HERE; Note that it has been adjourned for 7 days
  • The Explanatory Memorandum for the Proposed RHI Changes can be viewed HERE

Interpretation of the Draft Legislation:- THIS IS BASED ON 99kW BOILERS

Current Legislation:

RHI for 99kW boilers installed pre-mid November 2015 is 6.4p/kWh

Draft Legislation:

Proposed RHI

  • First 130,086kWh paid at 6.4p/kWh
  • Next 269,914kWh paid at 1.5p/kWh
  • Remaining kWh paid at 0p/kWh