On Tuesday 31st January at the High Court in Belfast, Mr Justice Deeny confirmed that the temporary ban on revealing the identities of individuals and businesses who are members of RHANI would remain in place until the outcome of a hearing in three weeks.

In spite of arguments that only individuals should be granted anonymity and companies benefiting from the Renewable Heat Incentive should be revealed, Mr Justice Deeny confirmed that the interim order would be continued and said: “There’s a temporary inconvenience to the minister by imposing the injunction, but it protects the contractual rights of the applicants.”

This order covers RHANI members who were confirmed by 5pm on Tuesday 24th January 2017.

RHANI has also been granted leave to seek a judicial review of Economy Minister Simon Hamilton’s plans to release the names of over 500 members.

A final judgment is expected to be delivered before the Northern Ireland Assembly Election on 2nd March 2017.

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