Please find below links to a range of media coverage featuring this week’s Judicial Review.


3rd August – Irish Farmers Journal: RHI costs well below £100m – original £490m figure incorrect claim RHANI

4th October – Fresh Produce Journal: Mushroom growers count costs of biomass scandal

4th October – BBC: RHI officials ‘showed crass incompetence’

4th October – UTV:  ‘Crass incompetence’ shown by RHI officials, court hears

4th October – Belfast Telegraph: RHI scheme was let down by incompetence, hopeless oversight and a catalogue of errors, court hears

4th October – BBC: RHI officials ‘showed crass incompetence’

5th October – News Letter: RHI overspend ‘could be as low as £60m – not £500m’

5th October – Irish News: RHI overspend could be as low as £60 million, court hears

5th October – BBC: RHI scheme projected overspend ‘flawed’, court told 

5th October – Belfast Telegraph: RHI overspend ‘as low as £60m’, court hears

5th October – News Letter: Don’t forget the benefits RHI has brought: barrister