(“the Company”)


As resolved by Directors and confirmed at the Annual General Meeting held on 15 March 2018.

These rules are the Rules specified in the articles of association of the Company (the “Articles“). Where there is a discrepancy or conflict between these Rules and the Articles, the Articles shall have priority.

1.             Purpose and membership

1.1.         Membership applications are invited from:
  • owners or operators of accredited RHI installations (as defined in the Renewable Heat Incentive Scheme Regulations (Northern Ireland) 2012 (the RHI Scheme));
  • owners or operators of plants which have applied to be accredited under the RHI Scheme as accredited RHI installations; and
  • installers, financiers, equipment manufacturers, professional advisers, trade associations, suppliers and other organisations with an interest in policy surrounding the RHI Scheme and the non-domestic renewable heat industry in Northern Ireland.
1.2.         The purpose of the association is to represent the interests of its members, to further its objects and to promote the responsible use of renewable heat.
1.3.         The association shall represent members as a group and shall not pursue the interests of individual members where they would conflict with the interests of the members as a whole.

2.             Status

The association shall be a not for profit trade association of its members, formed as an incorporated company limited by guarantee without shares.

3.             Objects

The objects of the association are to:

  • Represent the interests and views of the non-domestic renewable heat industry in Northern Ireland;
  • Raise awareness amongst the general public and government of the benefits of the RHI Scheme and to encourage the transition from fossil fuels to renewable heat;
  • Represent the interests of its members as regards changes in policy or law regarding the RHI Scheme or otherwise affecting its members as a whole
  • Engage with government, regulators, policy makers and other trade associations to help shape the future direction of renewable heat policy in Northern Ireland;
  • Promote amongst its members the responsible use of renewable heat and compliance with the RHI Scheme legislation;
  • Restore public confidence in the RHI Scheme; and
  • Where necessary to seek legal and other professional advice on behalf of members as regards changes in policy or law regarding the RHI Scheme and if necessary to take collective action in respect of any such changes.


7.               Fees

7.1  A joining fee determined by the directors is payable by a candidate who has been elected an ordinary member and must be paid with their first annual subscription.  The first such joining fee shall be as set by Resolution of the Directors and is payable once.  In addition to a Joining Fee, each member shall pay an annual fee per accredited boiler.

7.2. The annual subscription fee for ordinary members will be as set by Resolution of the Directors, for each accredited RHI installation they own (or for which accreditation is pending).

7.3. An annual subscription fee is payable for associate members at a rate set by Resolution of the Directors.

7.4. Subscriptions are due on 1 January in every year, or on admission as a member, and may be revised from time to time by the Directors.

7.5. All fees stated are exclusive of VAT



(Set by Resolution of Directors and Confirmed at Annual General Meeting on 15 Mar 18)


  • Joining Fee (new members) £300
  • Annual Fee for Associate Members £500
  • Annual Fee per boiler £300 for ordinary members
  • All fees exclude VAT which should be added at the current rate of 20%.
  • Not for profit organisations enjoy a 50% discount on Annual fees.



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