Further to reports by the Nolan Show on Thursday 16th February 2017, about RHANI members who are allegedly acting fraudulently, RHANI is carrying out a review of those companies that it was able to identify, as having been highlighted by the show. The Nolan Show is in receipt of  the complete details of all RHI participants, which RHANI does not have.

In response to details of  RHI payments outlined on the show, some of these facts were incorrect and misrepresented. These include;

– The company which was reported as having a 99kW boiler and receiving £250,000 in one year – this boiler is in fact 990kW which is 10 times bigger and payments represented  three years of heat generation, not one year.

– One of the companies which filed dormant accounts did not receive their RHI payments until the month following when they had to file their accounts and therefore the payment details will not be included until their most recent accounts are filed.

– Another of the companies which filed dormant accounts,  use a different company account for their RHI payments. This is completely legitimate. The Nolan Show incorrectly identified which account the monies are going to.

– Some of the payments highlighted as being generated within a one year period, were actually representative of heat generation over a three  year period,  because the RHI scheme covered heat generation from 2012. RHANI does not have access to the format in which the figures were presented to the Nolan Show.

RHANI believes that this is indicative of assumptions being made about the validity of payments,  based on erroneous and incomplete information and RHANI request that these facts are clearly highlighted as being wrong and they are corrected,  on air, during the next Nolan Show.

It is important to remember that each of the participants of the non-domestic RHI scheme has a vastly different business, different heating and energy needs, different business plans and diverse business interests. It should also be remembered that RHANI only represents approximately 500 of those participants. Individual business and technical audits are appropriate and RHANI has been calling for these to be carried out by the Department for the Economy, or Ofgem since its inception several weeks ago.

RHANI has commissioned an independent economic assessment of the RHI scheme,  in NI,  to be carried out by a neutral third-party organisation based outside of Northern Ireland. It will be mid May before this is available.