The core OFGEM payment and email systems have crashed.  The implications of the systems collapse are that payments will be delayed to DfE’s Scheme members.  Affected parties should contact OFGEM by phone or, the NI RHI Taskforce for advice about how to post meter readings.

OFGEM has stated that this catastrophic system failure is a result of a technical glitch and that it is not linked to a spike in applications to join the GB RHI scheme.  We are happy to correct this misunderstanding.

It is known and widely reported, that a proposal to close the existing scheme is before Parliament and a new, rebate scheme which favours large scale biomass boilers is introduced – see adjacent report on woodchip supply.

RHANI, the association representing most of the legitimate Scheme participants said the failings of OFGEM to support legitimate Scheme members and to manage the Scheme,  are well known.

RHANI is bringing a second judicial review against the DfE management of RHI (NI) on 3 Oct 17.  A preliminary hearing heard that the DfE action was unlawful and the legal mistakes followed the establishment of legal precedent in GB in connection with solar power.  In those cases, the Government was ordered to pay out hundreds of millions of pounds in compensation and to restore the guaranteed tariff rebates.   RHANI membership has surged recently as the impact of the retrospective cuts have bitten into the cash-flow of churches, GAA clubs and charities as well as small and medium businesses.