Update on RHI claimants obtained by The Nolan Show and commission of economic review

With regard to the full list of RHI claimants and their respective RHI payments obtained by The Nolan Show in advance of its airing on Thursday 16th February 2017, RHANI does not have a copy of this information and therefore cannot comment on the examples cited to avoid speculation on hypotheticals. Until full business and technical audits have been carried out to determine who is acting improperly or fraudulently RHANI is not in a position to discuss these details.

This situation has arisen because of a lack of financial scrutiny by the Department and RHANI believes the responsibility to carry out these audits falls on the Department for the Economy. If The Nolan Show has access to the information then presumably The Department should also have this information and have acted to investigate any unusual claimants.

RHANI continues to seek to protect the discretion and reputation – and to mitigate potential damage – to our members’ businesses and to avoid a media frenzy and subsequent reputational damages that could result from names of authentic RHI beneficiaries being made public. If any RHI claimant is operating illegally they should face the full weight of the law.

RHANI remains firm in its belief that a majority of RHI claimants are genuine users of the scheme and will continue to act to protect these members out of concern for the physical and mental health of the genuine recipients who feel castigated by negative press attention.

RHANI has been in existence for 5 weeks. Within that time has set it itself up as a legal entity, attracted over 500 members, created a constitution, converted the Association to a limited company, taken several legal actions and commenced work on a code of practice.

RHANI has also commissioned an independent economic review to be carried out by a neutral third-party organisation based outside of Northern Ireland. The results of this in-depth review are expected by the end of May 2017 and its conclusion will enable RHANI to identify any members who may be taking advantage of the scheme.

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