Driven by the industry and by robust legal advice, RHANI:-

  • Will represent the industry
  • Will be made up of members, who will pay for membership
  • Will have a Board of Directors
  • Will communicate with DfE regarding RHI



RHANI is a Registered Company Limited by Guarantee. All customer data entered and stored through our secure website is treated with the utmost confidence. Customers data is protected in a secure server and password protected at all times. Only several senior members of staff have access to this data for administrative purposes. Members, other than the Directors and Management Committee Members, will remain anonymous. The Directors and Management Committee will have access to member’s details if required but they will never release any such detail to the media / government / the public arena.

RHANI has a Board of Directors

The Board of Directors:

  • shall manage the company;
  • shall at all times seek to act in the best interests of the members as a whole;
  • may engage with regulators, policy makers, government and other associations on behalf of members in order to further the objects of the company;
  • may retain the services of professional advisers on behalf of the company.


  • Andrew Trimble (Executive Chairman)
  • John Martin
  • Tom Forgrave