It is the duty of the Renewable Heat Association [RHANI] to represent its members and the wider Renewable Heat Industry in Northern Ireland – a strong, credible and crucially important part of our energy and economy mix. The RHANI does not, in any way, support the inappropriate use of heat generation. We act exclusively in the interests of our members, who have very genuinely and honestly taken part in the Renewable Heat Incentive scheme.

When we were made aware of the Department for the Economy’s intention to publicly disclose the names of the beneficiaries of RHI scheme, we took action to protect our members who are genuinely and honestly benefitting from the RHI. Whilst we do not object to these names being disclosed at an appropriate time in the future, this must coincide with the completion of a full audit of the scheme. We strongly oppose the disclosure of this information at the present time.

We welcome Mr Justice Deeny’s decision yesterday to grant this injunction.  Going forward, we will continue to engage with the Department for the Economy to agree an appropriate way forward and a timeline for the public disclosure of the names of the beneficiaries of the RHI Scheme.

We believe that dialogue around this controversy to date has been one-sided and binary, and has wrongfully and unfairly led to the presumption of wrongdoing amongst our members. The RHANI has also voiced concern over a number of economic anomalies in what is being presented to the Assembly.

The RHANI seeks only to protect the discretion and reputation – and to mitigate potential damage to our members’ businesses – in applying for this Injunction.

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